Emily Selman

Trombone, Trumpet, Saxophone, Guitar, Piano, Flute

Emily Selman holds a Master of Music degree in Music Education from Colorado State University, where she also completed a Kodály Certification program. Kodály teachers are sought after for their ability to teach rigorous and fun lessons that build on prior knowledge and place a high emphasis on music literacy and ear training. She also holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the highly regarded program at Ithaca College. There she studied trombone as her main instrument and learned to play and teach all band instruments in secondary instrument classes.

Emily currently teaches music at Broomfield Academy and leads trombone sectionals for the Continental League Honor Band. She has taught band, jazz band, guitar club, and recorder club, as well as theater and music camps. She performs regularly around Denver, most often with the Colorado Wind Ensemble, William and the Romantics and the Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra.