Irina Moreland


Born in Russia, Irina Moreland attended the St. Petersburg Specialized College of Music for Gifted Children (1978-1985). In the following years she earned her Master of Musical Arts with Honorary Diploma from the world famous St. Petersburg State Conservatory (1986-1991), studying with Natan Perelman, Anatol Ugorski and Gregory Sokolov. Her Doctor of Musical Arts (eq.) from St. Petersburg State Conservatory followed in 1992-95, as well as post graduate studies with M.Voskresensky, A. Skavronsky and M. Pletnev of Moscow State Conservatory (1994-1995).

In 1994, Moreland participated in Rudolf Buchbinder’s outstanding Internationale Meisterkurse Fur Klavier in Zurich. In 1995, she was invited to participate in Salzburg Festival with her performing Mozart’s Concerto in C minor.
In 1996, Moreland began her course of studies in America, entering the College of Music, University of Colorado at Boulder, where she studied with such notable musicians as Angela Cheng, Alvin Chaw, Larry Graham, as well as famous jazz musician Greg Dyes. She received her Doctor of Musical Arts in May 2002. While at Boulder, she received the coveted Robin Sawhill Award for the years premiere piano recital and several Distinguished Honorary Awards for the best piano recitals and won a graduate Ekstpand competition.

In academia, Moreland has held the positions of Assistant Professor for the Keyboard Faculty at St. Petersburg State Conservatory; Adjunct Professor for the Colorado School of Mines Choral Department; and, Graduate Assistant and Accompanist at University of Colorado, Boulder. Since 2005, she has taught as an Affiliate Faculty at Colorado Christian University and, since 2007, as an Instructor for the University of Colorado Denver teaching Music Appreciation, Music History and group piano classes. Recently she has been selected to teach at International College at Beijing in January, 2009.

Her use of innovative teaching techniques, including an extensive variety of media tools and methodologies, characterize her teaching strategy of bringing cutting edge, 21st century classroom teaching and technology to the student. Dr. Moreland strives to make the traditional classroom into a fast paced, media driven, contemporary and life altering experience.