JimmyHank Williams

Guitar, Ukulele

JimmyHank Williams is new to Colorado, having moved here with his family in 2012. He was born in Austin and moved to Boston in 2002. His interest in music began as a child pounding out tunes on the family piano and drum kit. At the age of eleven Hank asked his mother for a drum set and was surprised to receive a guitar on his twelfth birthday. Despite the initial disappointment he dove right in and began to teach himself all he could.

Growing up in Austin Hank fell deeply in love with his local guitar-slinger heroes Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughn as well as older types of music. Hank began his stage life at the age of 15 playing in a friend’s father’s country band and has never looked back. Currently Hank plays music in Odessa Rose with fellow NMS teacher Sam Cole.

Over the course of his musical travels he’s has learned to play a variety of musical modes; country, rock, jazz, western swing, surf, psychedelic, and bluegrass as well as developing his own unique blend of song writing style. Hank began teaching in 2003 and has found inspiration in the wonder every new student brings as well in the evolving discussion of what music brings to each of us. Hank now lives in the Regis neighborhood of Denver with his wife, two children and cat (Otis Redding).