Makayla Dooley

Piano, Vocals, Flute

As the daughter of a music teacher, Makayla has always known that music would be her path. Her first love was classical music and she still attends the symphony every chance she gets. In third grade, she received a flute for Christmas and was ecstatic! She studied with the first chair flautist from the South Dakota State Symphony for the next ten years. Toward the end of high school, she discovered jazz when her mother bought her Miles Davis’ album Birth of the Cool. She began lessons and continued studying jazz over the next four years, obtaining her Bachelors of Music degree from the University of Northern Colorado.

Since college, she has traveled the world working for Royal Caribbean. She has explored a variety of styles such as pop, rock, folk and R&B, and also writes music of her own. Since moving back to Colorado in February, she has started a singer-songwriter project called SINKRA with vocalist Cassidy Bacon. She also sings back-up vocals and plays keys for the MOVED, fronted by Hunter Hall and Tyler Imbrogno. In addition to teaching, she performs with a variety of different groups specializing in an array of styles including musical theater, top forty hits and jazz. When Makayla isn’t using music to help process life or helping others do the same, you might find her hiking, biking, doing yoga or reading.