Megan Letts

Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Trumpet

Megan Letts has a degree in vocal jazz performance from the University of Denver, Lamont School of Music, and with a passion for genres folk, pop, jazz to funk, Megan is a versatile vocalist who is active in the Boulder/Denver music scene. Megan’s Soul/Rock project, Megan Letts and the Shameless Get-Down, features songs written and arranged primarily by Megan.

With a high-energy performance style, utilizing a jazzy state of mind through a pop belt, Megan’s vocal sound is purely unique and her performances are energizing! After going through a complete tonsil surgery and vocal reconstruction 3 years ago, Megan had to relearn all she thought she knew about singing, and in the process, redeveloped her teaching methods and style. By focusing on smart, high energy and contextual singing, Megan’s students have learned to juice their performances with life! Megan teaches the methodology to use the voice and body together to their fullest potential and guides students to utilize their ENTIRE instrument. By using familiar songs and exercises as tools, we will strive to iron out any vocal challenges and propel you forward to your next vocal goal!