Thomas Jennings


Originally from Ipswich, MA, Thomas has been playing music since he was 5 years old and playing guitar for over 13 years. As a child, he remembers scatting along with Louis Armstrong recordings and learning Neil Young songs on the guitar. He performed and composed all through high school with his band, “Pill Bug Light Reaction,” named after a biology lab. After four intensive years studying jazz, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from the Lamont School of Music and is now an active performer and teacher in Denver.

As a teacher, Thomas wants to share his love of music and the joy of playing the guitar. The best learning is based in curiosity and self-discovery, and Thomas hopes to facilitate that for his students, acting as a guide and a resource. He also feels it is important to cover music fundamentals and sight reading to help his students become passionate and well-rounded musicians. He aims to balance challenging material with musical games to keep things light-hearted and fun.

In his spare time, Thomas likes to take pictures and brew coffee with his Aeropress.