Zach Jackson

Bass, Guitar

Zach has been engulfed by music his entire life. From drumming on the kitchen table with his fingers as a kid to touring the west coast with his last band, the magic of music continues to inspire his every move. Over the course of his musical career he has played in many bands ranging from funk to rock and singer-songwriter to soul. Bass, guitar, piano and rock vocals are his specialty. He is a graduate from The University of Colorado at Boulder and has a bachelors in creative advertising and music technology.
He has been teaching music for the past 2 years and is excited to spread his love of music to students young and old. He strives to bring out every individual’s best abilities through fun practice techniques and by simply playing our favorite songs.
Zach loves working with kids. They have an amazing energy and drive that is as inspirational to him as he hopes he is to them. Passing on a love and understanding of music in a fun and enjoyable way is his philosophy, catering to each individuals needs and wants. Music is fun and is enjoyable at every level. Zach’s goal is to cultivate every student and bring out their best in every note that they play!